Inspiring design: HAY

I truly love the minimalistic, basic and beautiful products of HAY. You can check out all their products here -click-. The products on the following pictures are my favorites. (all pictures are from the HAY website)


Instagram @lovemedo_bydeborah

Pictures from last days: reading Flow weekly, breakfast with grapes, new pencils and my mothers old school bag

Same me different house

About two months ago I moved to a city called Eindhoven, at the moment I feel quite at home here although it was sometimes tough to be in a big house without seeing lots of people. I missed the noise  I was used to hear at home and I even missed the questions (I thought I would never miss) "Deborah would you like to play football with me?" and "Deborah, can you walk with the dog outside?". You know I've two younger brothers at home and although they could be really annoying I love them.

Now I'm a first year student at the Design Academy and ready for assignments, projects and hard working. All teachers say (and some 3th year students I met) that the first year is really difficult and you hardly get any time to sleep.. sound's good doesn't it? No, but without joking, I guess they make it difficult to show you that only real good designers can survive. I mean, there are so many persons wanting to earn money by designing but that's easier said than done.

Last weeks we had intro-meetings/workshops/parties and lots of spare time, enough time to take pictures of a lazy day.

I got this lovely vintage alarm clock on my last workday at 19Toen, it was the best place to work! Check out their webshop 19Toen with new and vintage interior design items.

These birds are always busy in the (sort of) tree behind my window

My healthy breakfast (always yoghurt + muesli + fruit)


DIY silhouette postcards


 If you're good in drawing you can make these postcards quickly.. if you're not that good in drawing silhouettes you can better do it the way I did by making photos.
These postcards are with silhouettes of my younger brother and I, the possibilities of combining colours/patterns/papers are endless so give it a try!

Deze kaarten zijn gemaakt m.b.v. foto's, zorg dat de persoon voor een raam staat en dat er genoeg tegenlicht is. Op die manier krijg je een duidelijk silhouet die je nog kan versterken door de foto zwart/wit te maken op je laptop. Wanneer je de foto's uitprint moet je goed opletten welke grootte je kiest. Daarna is het een kwestie van de silhouet uitknippen, overtrekken op het raam (of een lichtbak) en opplakken op een leuke achtergrond. Ik gebruikte papier uit de Flow en van de FlyingTiger. 


Walking in the 'Kwade Hoek' - Holland


Credits to my sister who made these photos