Lampshade from self-made paper

Selfmade lampshade

It started with reading a blog about the beauty of self-made paper, I totally agreed with it and tried to make some paper by myself. The possibilities are endless, there are so many paper-types to use and every step in the progress can make a difference for the final result so you have to try everything to learn more. After making pulp (= wet mixed paper) my blender died due to overheating but I made enough pulp for at least a papersheet of 1m^2. Because of the bigger surface the paper had to dry for one week and in that week I made some drawings of lampshades. When the paper was dry enough I drew triangles on it and cut out 4 sort-of-triangle-shapes (don't know how to call it). I sew them together with a cross stitch and bought a hanging system at 19toen. You can see the result above and the working process beneath.

Papierpieces from old magazines

Making the pulp

Working at my granny's garage 


Creating chairs

Creating or designing, which one would it be? I just searched some materials in the kitchen and started making shapes with them, that's how this little chairs formed.