Writing letters

Last week I sent a letter to my penpal Nina from Germany. She is a very creative girl and always sent me lots of self made little paper-things, so nice! This time the theme of the letter was 'summer' (we like working with themes) so I made a little summer-book for her with things to do during summer holiday when you feel bored or you want to make something. I searched for pictures in magazines and used a blue sheet called 'salty sea blue' from a Flow paperbook. I just love all the pages in the Flow with nice patterns and photos. That's why I also used a Flow page to create the envelope with masking tape from the Hema. 

Deze keer een brief voor penvriendin Nina uit Duitsland. Ze is echt ontzettend creatief en stuurt altijd allemaal leuke zelfgemaakte dingetjes bij de brief. Meestal zijn onze brieven ook kort en besteden we veel meer tijd aan het maken van iets leuks met papier/plaatjes/tape/stickers. Omdat we niet zo vaak schrijven (wegens drukke periodes op school) hebben de brieven meestal een thema. Het thema van deze brief is 'zomer', daarom maakte ik een 'leuke dingen doen'-boekje voor in de zomervakantie en stopte papierwaren in een schattig envelopje van de Flow met een strik van een bladzijde uit een oud boek. Echt je kan zoveel leuke dingen maken met oude boeken, ik ga daar zeker nog eens een blogpost over maken.

Easy to make, little paper book

Make your own envelope


A perfect place to enjoy our island

Inspired by 'Finding Momo' from Andrew Knapp

Always hard to leave although it's near our house, I love this place, it feels like I can breathe deeper when I walk on the dike being in now (which means no time to worry about anything).


DIY from paperbag to scrapbook

Some creations I made with pictures from fashion magazines like ELLE and VOGUE

Do It Yourself

1. Search for a paperbag (some shops gives them, I got one from Primark). If you have the bag have to cut the sidelines to open de bag and spread it out on the ground. Now you measure the length of the bag and think about how many pages you can make and what size you want them. 
2. Fold the ugly sides of the bag to the inside and fold the bag to create pages. This sort of book is called a leporellobook. 
3. If it's right you have pages now and you can open the book like an accordion. The pages must be covered with for example thick white paper to hide the folded ugly sides. I chose to make the white paper not as big because I wanted to see the structure of the bag above and beneath the page (between 1-2cm).
4. With cardboard you can make a frond- and backpage. Search a nice picture and fold it around the piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard a little big bigger than the pages in your book.
5. Now you can start searching pictures and go ahead with your scrapbook.
6. Before you stick the images just lay them down on the page and organize it till you think it's perfect.

My own version of the paperbag-scrapbook


Web of the spider-without-a-name

I woke up, opened the curtain and saw this web.. beautiful white lines with the upcoming sun on the background, I just had to take a picture of it.



Fashion Favourites #2

Jumpsuit - Topshop
Cap, jacket, blouse, trousers, rings - Monki
Backpack - Herschel 
Sandals - NewLook



What I did on this lazy very hot Monday..
Wearing my favourite jumpsuit (Zara) 

Sorting my stamp collection (thanks to my dear granny I've lots of stamps)

Making a nice lunch with brown bread, lettuce and baked egg

Reading interior-magazines, writing down interesting websites/designers/shops and making collages

Making myself a delicious salad for dinner with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bread and yogurt-dressing


My own etsy shop

click - to go to the shop

Finally it's there, my own etsy shop ready to launch! It's just a little, little shop with not as many products as I want but al right it's a shop and that's what it is about. I'm still working on a lot of products (it's all selfmade) so hopefully the range will grow fast. Another thing is that I'm not good with computers, yes you read it right, I'm NOT.. maybe it's because I'm just to lazy to search things out so the lay-out of the shop is simple/basic which means 'easy'. I hope I will learn more about layouts in a couple of weeks and if you have suggestions please leave a comment because I really want to change the layout of my blog as well and I desperately need some help.