Playing with shadows

I was working on a project about hands for my portfolio when I started photographing shadows of my hands on my bedroom-door. The sunlight was perfect thanks to many little raindrops on my window, so the lines you see are not made due to curtains but to raindrops. The thing is that I just really NEED a tripod.. it's a shame that all the photos are from another point of view which gives the short movies below an, how shall I say, amateurish image. That's definitely not what I want to create but for now it's about the idea, not about the quality.


Mother's Day

I know that it's already more than a week ago but I just want to show what I made for Mother's Day. It's quite simple but you can make a lot of variations on this gift-box. 

Baking cookies, something you learned from your mother isn't it?


Old books and a market

My sister lives in Utrecht and she does volunteer work for Books4Life. Books4Life sells second hand books (which they get from people in the city) to raise money for charities like Amnesty International.
Last weekend Books4Life was going to sell books on a market in Utrecht. My sister asked me to make some nice things with old books to show people what to do with their books if they are not interesting enough (or just to old) to read. Because she asked me a few days before the market took place I had not enough time to make everything I wanted to make, trust me, there are so many nice diy's on the internet about what to do with old books, I will show you that later on. Here are some pictures of the things I made.


My fashion favourites at the moment #1

All the clothes on the picture are from Monki accept for the coat which is from H&M


Clothes for sale

Mocht je interesse hebben in tweedehands kleding, ik verkoop momenteel een aantal kledingstukken die weinig/niet gedragen zijn op dit marktplaats account. 


Seconds of joy

how I felt after hearing I'm admitted to the Design Academy in Eindhoven,
I'm still feeling that joy and pride, I DID IT!

I can't wait to start in September and I still have lots of ideas and drawings for more portfolio-projects so I hope I will find more time to make blogposts about my portfolio and write about my inspiration like other artists/designers/fashion.