DIY from paperbag to scrapbook

Some creations I made with pictures from fashion magazines like ELLE and VOGUE

Do It Yourself

1. Search for a paperbag (some shops gives them, I got one from Primark). If you have the bag have to cut the sidelines to open de bag and spread it out on the ground. Now you measure the length of the bag and think about how many pages you can make and what size you want them. 
2. Fold the ugly sides of the bag to the inside and fold the bag to create pages. This sort of book is called a leporellobook. 
3. If it's right you have pages now and you can open the book like an accordion. The pages must be covered with for example thick white paper to hide the folded ugly sides. I chose to make the white paper not as big because I wanted to see the structure of the bag above and beneath the page (between 1-2cm).
4. With cardboard you can make a frond- and backpage. Search a nice picture and fold it around the piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard a little big bigger than the pages in your book.
5. Now you can start searching pictures and go ahead with your scrapbook.
6. Before you stick the images just lay them down on the page and organize it till you think it's perfect.

My own version of the paperbag-scrapbook

Sorry for the big amount of pictures.. I just couldn't chose between them ;)

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